Enhanced Safety Measures for Our Parish Family

Dear Parishioners,
In our continued commitment to the safety and well-being of our
community, I wanted to inform you that Phase I of the Emergency
Response Plan of St. Pius X Parish is ready and will be rolled out soon.
These measures are the result of the diligent efforts of our Parish
Emergency Response Team, who have been meeting for the past year to
ensure that our parish remains safe for all who seek to worship and to
give God thanks and praise.

Beginning January 6 & 7, we will be implementing the following safety
measures on weekends and Holy Day Liturgies:

Door Locking Protocols: To enhance security, doors to the church will be
locked 15 minutes after Mass begins. We understand that unforeseen
circumstances may cause some to arrive after this time, and please rest
assured you are still very much welcome. A designated person will be
available to assist you in gaining access to the main church entrance.

Faith Formation Safety: Similarly, the entrance door for Faith Formation
classes will be locked 10 minutes after classes begin. The safety of our
children and catechists is of paramount importance, and these measures
are intended to provide an added layer of protection. The Faith
Formation Department will be emailing specific instructions to parents
before the Christmas break.

These measures are not meant to create barriers, but rather to safeguard the people of our church from any potential disruptions or harm.
It is our collective responsibility to ensure that our parish is a safe place
to gather, worship, and learn about Jesus Christ.

Invitation to Our Law Enforcement Community
For those in law enforcement, I would like to take a moment to connect
with you. You can email me at frstephen@spxcatholic.org or catch me
after Mass. This simple step will help me to know who in our community
we can rely on in case of an emergency. I will not be asking you to
identify yourselves to the rest of the parish. By knowing you personally,
we can work together to enhance the safety of our parish.

I am so grateful to the Emergency Response Team for all the hard work
they have put in over the past year. We are looking to make additional
changes to further enhance the safety and security of our parishioners
and staff. Any changes will be communicated before they are
implemented. Our commitment is to everyone’s well-being and safety.
Thank you in advance for your patience and acceptance of these
In Christ’s love and friendship,