There are many fine Christian communities in the greater Grandville area, but what sets St. Pius X apart is the seven sacraments.  Our Roman Catholic tradition teaches us that Jesus Christ gave the Church these sacred rituals to show us the ultimate meaning of life, and to assure us that he is with us always, transforming us into wholeness as individuals and a community of faith.

Just as the eternal God became visible in the person of Jesus, each sacrament is comprised of something from creation.  Be it water, olive oil, bread and wine, or the touch of a hand, the sacraments convey grace and open us to the mystery of Christ’s presence through our human senses.  The prayers that are spoken during each sacrament are the same throughout the world.

Because the sacraments are so important, it’s a priority in our parish to celebrate them authentically, with reverence and joy. Every participant is called to the fullest possible participation in the worship of the community.  In particular, our Lord’s Day gatherings for the Eucharist are at the heart of our parish’s life.