The Sixth Sunday of Easter

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you – CSA

Because of your generosity, we have surpassed our CSA target! We are so thankful to have a parish full of giving hearts. Our collective generosity towards the diocese, enables the Grand Rapids Diocese to accomplish the mission of spreading the Gospel in West Michigan. If you would still like to pledge, donate, or read more about the Catholic Services appeal, visit the diocesan website for more info:

Ordination of Transitional Deacons

This weekend, Bishop Walkowiak ordained two men, Deacon Jacob Zemaitis and Deacon Christopher Epplett, to the transitional diaconate.  This is the last major step in seminary formation before seminarians are ordained priests. This summer they will serve the community at St. Anne’s home. This is important as Deacons are called to serve in three specific ways: at the ministry of the word, ministry of the altar, and ministry of charity.  At St. Anne’s home, they will preach weekly at daily Masses, while also assisting the priest at the ministry of the Altar. Lastly, they will visit residents, bring them Communion, and pray with them during their summer internship. Please pray for Deacon Jacob and Deacon Chris as they prepare for the final year of seminary formation, and God willing, are ordained priests for the Diocese of Grand Rapids next June. 

RCIA Testimonies

At Mass this weekend, I’ve invited some of those who entered the Catholic church this Easter to share their story.  It is important for us to share with one another our powerful experiences of Christ’s love in our lives. I hope that their stories are both edifying and encouraging for you.  Christ is working in our world and is involved in your life as well. Sometimes hearing how God has worked in other lives opens our eyes to Christ’s presence in our own. Praise Jesus!

In Christ’s love and friendship