“To Restore All Things in Christ”

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am thrilled to bring to the parish news about a potential project, “To Restore all Things in Christ,” that will focus on the sanctuary of our church. This project is about creating a sacred space that elevates our hearts and minds in prayer and worship.

Why Now?

When I arrived at the parish in 2020, Fr. Chris explained the “Now is Our Time” project. I was so grateful for that project and that as a parish we were able to complete it without carrying debt. Fr. Chis also explained that the next thing he and the parish were planning to focus on was the sanctuary space. Over my three and half years at St. Pius X, I have had several parishioners ask if I have thought about a project to enhance our sanctuary space and to refresh our pews. So, this has not only been on my mind, but a vision laid out before me that was seen as
the next thing that needed our attention for potential improvements.

Last spring, I reached out to an architect to begin planning for an eventual sanctuary project. The plan was to obtain drawings and to start the project a few years down the road. A major contributing factor to starting the project a couple of years later are the two recent capital campaigns that our parish has completed (Now Is Our Time and Our Shepherds Our Future). However, there has been a phenomenal response to this project that I did not anticipate. To date, a few donors have committed just over a million dollars to the sanctuary project. Early estimates show that this project will cost approximately 1.7 million (this is subject to change depending on construction costs). I am impressed with the overall excitement already expressed to me by parishioners regarding this potential project and the advanced commitments we have already received. That means as a parish, a little less than half of the monies need to be funded. For this reason I, along
with the finance and pastoral councils, believe the time is right to complete this project. We now want parishioner feedback to make the best decisions as we move forward.

Why do we want to renovate the sanctuary of St. Pius X Parish?
The upcoming sanctuary project is driven by a vision that aligns with the Eucharistic Revival that the U.S. Bishops have initiated throughout the Church. As we enter the worship space, we have these words as a reminder from our parish patron: “[The Eucharist] is the shortest and safest way to Heaven” ~ St. Pius X. We are doing this project to emphasize that Jesus is at the center of our worship and all that we do. This project has three essential elements:

The Heart of the Church
At the core of this project is the desire to place the tabernacle and the Eucharist at the very heart of our church. This intentional placement invites every member of our parish, whether in the main sanctuary or the chapel, to experience the profound beauty and spiritual significance of the Blessed Sacrament.

A Window into Heaven
It is our hope to create a sacred space that transcends the ordinary and becomes a tangible glimpse into the heavenly realities. The transformation of our sanctuary will be a testament to our commitment to creating a physical environment that reflects the divine glory we seek in our worship.

The sanctuary project includes plans to make our sacred space ADA compliant by placing a ramp behind the choir into the sanctuary space. This allows for lectors, who may struggle with steps, to participate in this ministry longer. Additionally, it will provide easier access for aging clergy who are still able to celebrate Mass. Finally, the project aims to make the chapel accessible for prayer 24/7, allowing our parishioners a place for prayer, reflection, and connection with Christ Jesus at any hour. As we begin to look at this potential project, we invite each of you to pray for its success. In the coming weeks, we will display images in the gathering space that offer a glimpse into what the sanctuary could become. Additionally, we look forward to connecting with you after the 5:30pm Mass on February 15. This meeting will be an opportunity to learn more about the project from the architect, and most importantly, offer your valuable feedback. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us. May we all continue to experience God’s transformative love through the Eucharist.

In Christ’s Friendship,

Fr. Stephen