25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This weekend we hear the apostles say to Jesus, “Increase our faith!” How many times have we echoed these words in our prayers? We can get caught in a trap thinking faith is transactional. If we only had more faith, then (fill in the blank). I fall in this trap when I want to beat myself up over something that has gone poorly, or things seem to be falling apart. Sound familiar? Our message this weekend is not that we need more faith. Faith is a relationship with Jesus of trust and love. Our faith changes us, not the things in our lives or circumstances. We have all had those times when we feel we are in the middle of a storm. We have no way to stop it and seem so shaken we can’t find our way out. We need to have faith, and face what is happening. We don’t need more faith; we are given enough; we just need to do something with it. Maybe we get up each day and try our hardest to sit in silence and listen. Our relationship with Jesus should be the relationship we turn to and know He will never abandon us. No matter what you are facing today, or what you will face tomorrow, how are you living the faith you do have each day?