26th Week of Ordinary Time

This weekend we hear the message of not leading others to sin and respecting others, “for whoever is not against us, is for us.” These may not seem like hard words to live by, but if we take a deeper look at ourselves, they actually are! How many times to we fall into the trap of sin, going with the flow of others or society? We talk about others, judge others who are different than us, or just passively accept others’ unjust actions. It is harder to stand up, not be jealous, and accept differences. Jesus gives us the remedy in a dramatic way, but are we really going to cut off our body parts? Put in today’s context, what do we need to cut out of our lives in order to live more fully the Christina covenant? Do we need to spend less time on social media or watching tv? Are there relationships that need to have better boundaries or trimmed because they lead us to gossip? Do we need to moderate our intake of food or alcohol? The list can go on and on. Let us take time this week to examine the little things in our lives that may be blocking us to full discipleship and find ways to accept others and not leading others (and ourselves) to sin.