Fifth Week of Lent

As our Lenten journey continues, we are called to dig deeper into forgiveness. This weekend’s Gospel is of the Pharisees bringing a woman caught in the act of adultery to Jesus. They have trapped her and are trying to trap Jesus so they can also condemn Him. How often do we do that in our own lives? Do we rush to judgement and want to hold others accountable? Many times, we look at someone who has hurt us and want to find a way for the wrong to be righted. That is not what Jesus does. He is not quick to judge, rather He shows mercy and compassion. It is not that He justifies what she has done, but He condemns the sin rather than the woman. We are called to deep conversion through our forgiveness of others and how we show mercy. It is not an easy! Jesus continues to want a new life with Him even though we sin. Through Reconciliation we receive God’s mercy, but also must show mercy to others. It is a hard task; who do we need to work on forgiving in our hearts and not harbor judgement and restitution? Let us focus and work towards forgiveness as we near Holy Week!