Fourth Sunday of Easter

A Reflection of Christ’s Own Mercy

In the first reading for Sunday we meet Barnabus aka Joseph of Cyprus a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and of faith. He was an integral part of the early church mentioned in Acts 4, described as being of one heart and soul and sharing all their possessions and no one was in need. When the apostles Peter and John met Joseph they were impressed and nicknamed him Barnabus, which means, “son of encouragement.” Through his ministry a great number of people were brought to the Lord.

Barnabus the encourager, knew of Saul and what he had done, and still He took a chance. He listened to the Holy Spirit. He knew that Jesus has the power to transform lives. He recognized Christ within Saul and took him to the disciples, advocated for Saul, and opened the door for Saul to continue the work Jesus laid out for him.

What would have happened if Barnabus didn’t believe Saul? If he didn’t take a chance? If he didn’t believe that ‘no one meets Jesus and leaves the same way’? What then?

Who are the people in your life who you have encouraged and taken a chance on? Who has encouraged you? Please pray for all the Barnabus’ in your life and to be one. Our God is a God of second chances, of dramatic transformations, and infinite mercy. Let us reflect that love as Barnabus did.