Fourth Sunday of Lent

In this weekend’s Gospel, we hear of those wanting to seek the light and those who are living in the darkness. I immediately think, which category do I put myself in. My desire would be to always be ‘living in the light and truth’ category. But if we really examine our lives and are honest, there are times that we live in darkness and find it hard to live in the light of His love and mercy. We may find it hard to believe that we are deserving of His love and mercy. We may know our faith but have a hard time fully trusting God in some moments. We turn away in our sinfulness and feel undeserving of forgiveness.

When we find ourselves in darkness, what is important to remember is that Christ is there. He is seeking our hearts, and we can only come towards the light, because He is there with us and wrapping us in His mercy. In those moments, there are glimmers of light if we choose to see them. They may look like caring friends, conversations, hugs, small gestures, sunshine, or gentle reminders of His love. He seeks and is with us the most when we are broken and lost.  How can you seek and desire the light and the truth this week when you find yourself in the darkness?