Sixth Sunday of Easter

As Fr Stephen previewed in his homily last weekend, our readings are connected. We are to abide in His love by staying connected to the Vine. This weekend we hear how we are to “Love one another as I have loved you.”

This phrase has really resonated with me this week, especially being a parent. I am cognizant of how I reflect love to my daughter. I try to show her unconditional love, even in our hard moments, as I am the first teacher of God’s unconditional love. When I hear this Gospel, I am reminded of how I show her God’s unconditional love, but also that she is watching how I show love to all of God’s children. She is watching how I treat those who challenge me, who are not like me, who have inflicted pain, or are hard to love. Jesus is not only calling us to love our friends and those whom it is easy to love, but to love all. I must challenge myself as His disciple, as I teach our faith to my child…to reflect His love and bear fruit that will remain.

This is not an easy task and will take constant evaluation and correction. How do you need to challenge yourself this week to love others, to love yourself, and to abide in His love?