Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

All the readings this weekend talk about inner and outer conflicts that happens within us. In our first reading, Adam and Eve notice their nakedness and sin sets in…they are filled with fear, and shame. They desired sameness with God by knowing all and thinking God is withholding things from them, which is where our captivity to evil and sinfulness begins. In our second reading, our outer self is wasting away and being renewed through Christ internally. In the Gospel the pharisees proclaim that Jesus is unholy and from evil (Beelzebul) since he is doing things differently from them. His response is to challenge them to be the same inside and out, rather than be conflicted or divided.

It is hard to look at ourselves and examine what may not be congruent in our lives, to see our brokenness. It is easier to blame others and see their brokenness and failures, rather than our own. It is only through looking at ourselves that we can see where Christ desires to heal and transform us. We were created in the perfect image and likeness of God and He desires that. To journey toward what He desires, we need to look at where we see shame, anger, resentment, envy, insecurity, perfectionism, fear, sorrow and pain (just to name a few) within us. How are we allowing that to separate us from God? Because those are not from God, and we are allowing it to separate us from what He desires. How can we recognize what we need to focus on within ourselves this week? May we have the grace to radically surrender that which binds us to sinfulness and choose wholeness and healing.