The Most Holy Trinity

We celebrate the Solemnity of The Holy Trinity this weekend. The Holy Trinity can be hard for us to understand. It is hard to put our human understanding onto something Divine. God is impossible to understand, to put our finger on, and is mysterious and diverse.

When I reflect on the first reading in conjunction with The Trinity, I am reminded how challenging this is and how we are to pass our understanding onto our children. How to explain the Holy Trinity to a small child? I think of all the ways I talk about God to her. I talk about the Holy Spirit and how I hear, feel supported, and guided by the Holy Spirit. I talk about Christ and the sacrifices He made for me. I talk about God and His love and care for me. In all these examples, I am sharing with her about The Trinity and how I interact with God in diverse ways. I try to model my relationship with God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It may be challenging to answer all her questions, but I remind her that we are always learning and growing in relationship with God. Last night we were preparing for a sitter to put her to bed the following night. I was reminding her that she needed to say her prayers before bed, something we do together. She was worried about forgetting to say something. I reminded her that God knows what is in her heart and to just do her best, that was all that mattered. Explaining the Trinity is hard; just do your best. Modeling our faith and relationship with The Trinity is the first step…just do your best!