28th Week of Ordinary Time

When we pray, how do we know we are praying for the right thing? In the reading from Wisdom, King Solomon’s words are clear and confident. We may know what we want and need, feel it in the depths of our hearts, but is it what God wants? Can you trust that Jesus always gives us what we need and what He feels is best for the glory of God’s name? Is it God’s will?

Three years ago, I was in Bible study with an awesome group of faithful friends. We read our passage diligently, but spent most of our time supporting each other in our crazy lives with children. At the end of our study, one of the gals had reported that she had cancer. Following her on Facebook revealed quite a story. She prayed for a miracle and did all the right things to try and kill the cancer in her body, but she passed away last Friday. However, when they realized that the cancer couldn’t be put down, they didn’t view it as unanswered prayer. Her husband quotes her, “Heaven is not a second rate miracle! It is the PRIMARY miracle!” Our goal in this life is to make it to heaven in the next. We all prayed for a miracle for her, and she has received it.

We may not always know God’s plan for us in the short term, but we can be confident that God wants us in heaven someday, praising him forever. For all the faithful departed, and all those facing the end of this earthly journey, may they rest in the peaceful arms of Christ and receive the primary miracle of our salvation.

By Glenda Trytko – Religious Education Coordinator