Gaudate Sunday

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

Gaudete Sunday
During this Advent season, the choir has been singing the song, This is
Jesus. I love this song and Meghan and the choir have been leading us in
prayer through it so beautifully these past couple of weeks. Near the end
of the song we sing and repeat these words: Rejoice He is with us, Rejoice
Hope is here!
This is what Gaudete Sunday and Advent is about. It’s that joyful anticipation for the coming of Jesus Christ. The person we have waited, longed, and
hoped for is coming. May our experience at the coming of Jesus Christ
spark more and more joy in our hearts. Rejoice, (Gaudete!) the Lord is near!

What about incense?
Christmas is just over two weeks away. A few housekeeping items to
remember as we prepare ourselves to celebrate Christmas this year:
• During special celebrations, the church uses incense during its liturgies.
As a reminder, the Christmas Day Mass at 9:30am will be the only Mass
without incense for those who may have an intolerance to it.
• Incense will be used a few more times throughout the Christmas
season. On these weekends, there will be no incense at the 8:30am
Mass, which has been our custom here at St. Pius X.

Spotlight: How YOU can help Prepare the Manger
Based on traditional French custom…as a community we will prepare a soft
place for the Christ Child on Christmas Eve:
• Think, talk, and pray each day sharing with Jesus and others your desire
to be ready for Christ.
• Set aside a piece of straw for each thing you’ve done to prepare your
hearts: good deeds, donations, prayers, going to Mass, receiving
Reconciliation, and other sacrifices.
• Bring your straw to Mass on Christmas Eve to place in the manger to
soften His bed.
• If you are not able to go to Mass at St. Pius X, do this activity in your