Welcome Deacon Peter

Welcome Deacon Peter Conigliaro

For those of you who were able to attend the installation Mass last month you noticed that we had a deacon with us for the liturgy. His name is Deacon Peter Conigliaro.  Deacon Peter and his family have moved into our area.  They had been members of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Belmont for many years.

Deacon Peter will be preaching the Masses this weekend and he and I are both hoping, pending Bishop Walkowiak’s approval, that he will be serving at this parish in diaconal ministry.  I will let you know when we receive word from the Bishop Walkowiak regarding Deacon Peter’s assignment, and hopefully it will be with us. 😊

In the early Church, the need for deacons to assists in ministry arose to take care of the pastoral needs of the parish (Acts 6: 1-7).  Their function is to serve at the table of the Eucharist, the ministry of the word, and pastoral charity. Deacon Peter will help in the administration of the sacraments (baptism and marriage), he will preach, and he will help tremendously in our ministry to those who are homebound and unable to join us for Mass. 


I have been edified by the numbers of people attending our time for adoration on Thursdays.  Thank you to all our prayer warriors. It is a blessing to spend time with the Lord, where he looks at us in love and we look at him in love.  I encourage those who have not tried this form of prayer and worship before, to join us between 10am and 5:30pm for adoration on Thursdays.

40 Days for Life

As many of you know, October is Respect Life Month. It is important for us to pray for all life issues and to end social evils today.  May we pray for understanding hearts regarding issues of immigrants who seek refuge in our home.  May we pray for an end to racism and the divisions that exists among.  May we pray for the end of abortion and a greater appreciation for the gift of life.  And may we pray for the dignity of the elderly as they near the end stages of life.  Life is a gift from our God and creator that we continue to give God thanks and praise.

Considering this, I would like to invite people to join with others from Saint Pius X parish to pray for end to abortion at the clinic on Fulton.  If interested, please contact Rosemary Beahan for more details at rbeahan@spxcatholic.org. Our day for the “40 Days for Life” is Tuesday, October 26th.

In Christ’s love and friendship,

Fr. Stephen