11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The first reading and the Gospel feature ideas that go against our expectations: we think high trees will stay high, tiny plants come from tiny seeds, and so forth. However, as God interacts with our world, things contrary or beyond our expectations happen all the time: high trees are lowered, and mustard seeds grow into GIANT plants!

For example, in my ministry with the high school students, I’ve seen God do tremendous things in the lives of teens through my simple, small plans; I’m often surprised in the unexpected and unique ways they encounter God and find new friends because of some silly game or a brief soundbite from a talk, and it is so beautiful and encouraging!

These unconventional ways of God should inspire boldness in our attempts to develop virtue and love for God and others, especially in our prayers, relationships, family life, jobs, service, and so on. Even when we fail at these attempts or when things don’t go according to plan, we should trust that God can still bring so much good out of it through unexpected or even miraculous ways! The Passion is pinnacle proof that God’s omnipotence can bring the greatest good (our redemption!) from the greatest evils…and we should ALWAYS expect that! God won’t act greatly in our lives unless we ask Him and allow His Way to prevail instead of the ways we think He SHOULD act.

This week, boldly ask God to work miraculous things in your life, and then surrender your expectations to see how God will act, and He will answer in ways more good and beautiful than you can imagine. Ask God for greater hope and trust in His perfect will and goodness!