23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

This weekend we hear from Jesus about true discipleship. His message is a hard one to digest and accept. Are we really being asked to HATE our family? In many ways Jesus is talking about our priorities. What do you make a priority when it comes to time in your life right now? Are there family needs, social media, time with friends, fun things that consume all your time? I can fall into that trap, putting my daughter’s and family’s needs at the top of my list and having little to no time left. Where is my time for Jesus and our relationship? This is what Jesus is asking us to make right, the order of our priorities. Is following Jesus a daily choice I am making and giving time to that relationship? We all are being asked to make time and rearrange our priorities. How we live our life as well as how we spend our time, money and energy says a lot about us. This a perfect time to reorganize and see what needs to be adjusted!