23rd Week of Ordinary Time

This weekend in Mark’s Gospel, we hear of the deaf man being healed. Jesus says, “Be opened!” and the man was able to hear, and his speech impediment was gone. How can this be true for us today?

One example comes to mind. I have always been a quiet, introverted person. My parents tell me that my kindergarten teacher actually thought I was mute, I was so shy! As I grew and matured this was still a challenge, but not nearly as bad. Even into adulthood, I struggled at times to say things particularly in front of large groups. I have noticed a change more recently, and I give credit to God for this conversion. As I have grown closer to God and strengthened that relationship with Him, I have noticed that I have less anxiety around sharing my voice and opinion. I have been validated in what I share and the importance of sharing my experiences with others. You see, when we encounter Jesus, he commands that we “be opened,” we hear the Good News, and our tongue is loosened to share it! With God’s help I stretch myself to be open to Him and share his love with those I meet.

How can we challenge ourselves to grow deeper in our relationship with God and to share His great love with all we meet and proclaim the Good News this week?