2nd Sunday of Advent

John the Baptist…is the one that comes before Jesus preparing the way. This week we hear John loud and clear, a voice crying out in the wilderness. John is in the wilderness, but what would that mean for us to go there? For me, it means going to the interior parts of myself that are vulnerable and where I am powerless. It is a place I do not willingly want to go, but am called this Advent as I have heard this theme echoed a few times the past two weeks. In this wilderness of self-confrontation, we hear from John the Baptist to repent and really desire repentance, not just for show like the Pharisees and Sadducees. John’s call is asking us to do some deep reflecting this Advent. What do you need to attend to deep within yourself? Is it something you have been putting off or haven’t made the time for? We are called to return to our truer, original, and better selves. That’s what true repentance is; not just saying sorry or feeling guilt and shame. We are called to transformation, healing, and recovery. What do we need to forgive in ourselves? May we bring this question into our prayer this week as we enter the wilderness. May it bear fruit and as we hear in the first reading, “a shoot shall sprout from the stump of Jesse.”