Corpus Christi

My favorite scene in an Easter Production I once saw was the Feeding of the 5,000 (which is the Gospel reading for Sunday). Jesus was preaching then..BAM, baskets and laughing and everyone was eating! It happened so fast; so many people suddenly had food, it was magical.

As this scene unfolded, I learned their production secret for Jesus’ miracle. I saw the actors secretly taking bread out from under their cloaks. They placed some in the baskets, pretending it was the other way around, and ate some. It made my heart smile.

What if that was the miracle? Perhaps many persons there did actually have food, but for whatever reason were reluctant to bring it out. After hearing Jesus talk about the Kingdom of God they were inspired, they were converted, their love was ignited. Upon receiving the invitation to be a part of the family, their hearts were open and overflowing with generosity and joy. They shared their bread. That’s what it feels like to belong to something, to someone. It must be shared. On this Solemnity, we celebrate the real and true presence of Christ physically and spiritually with us, Christ within us, and Christ through us; the Body of Christ, the Church. Let us make/renew a pledge of undivided love and offering of ourselves in service of others as Jesus taught us. Be inspired. Be ignited. You are loved. You belong.

Glenda Trytko