Eighth Week of Ordinary Time

Ever had that conversation when someone is telling you something that you don’t want to hear? This weekend Jesus is having that conversation! In many ways he is telling his disciples (and us) that we first need to look at ourselves before we cast any judgement on anyone else! What are your shortcomings or things that you need to work on to live the life that Jesus is calling you to? We all have those things that we need to work on. Maybe it is giving of our time, not gossiping, controlling our reactions when things upset us, spending more time with the Lord…the list can go on. Jesus is telling us to close our eyes, look at ourselves first, and be guided by Him rather than giving advice or judging someone else. This Gospel is perfect as we head into Lent next week! What will you focus on? Hopefully the beam in our own eyes rather than the splinter in our neighbors’ eyes.