As we near the end of Christmas, I hope that you have found moments of love and light this season that Christ brings. We find ourselves in a new year, which brings hope and longing, not much different than what we hear in our readings this weekend. The Wise Men are searching and seeking. They are unsure of where they are headed, they just know the way: to follow the star. How is that any different than how we find ourselves today…longing for change, newness, wholeness, peace, and clarity. We also can be impatient people that lack trust, wanting to manifest or control how we get to what we desire, similarly to Herod in the Gospel. We can let fear and control take over our lives. How can we be more like the Wise Men in knowing that God has a plan, destination, journey for us? We just need to follow His Light. May this new year bring you more stillness, silence, patience, longing for His love, comfort, peace, and TRUST in His plan.