We celebrate the Solemnity of the Epiphany this weekend, and the Gospel we’ve known since we were small. The Wise Men were searching for something and it’s unknown to them what it is. How are you like the Wise Men? What are you searching for now? For me, I am searching for a few things and want answers. This week I am challenging myself to be more like the Wise Men and to just trust in the search and longing. I do not need to have all the answers or know the path that I am to take, but rather rely on God’s guidance. The Gospel is not only about the Wise Men; Herod is also a large part of this passage. Herod is afraid, frightened, threatened by the news he receives. What is interesting is that both the Wise Men and Herod respond to the same thing, the birth of Jesus! How are we like Herod in our response to things in our lives? The things I am longing for can also be frightening and unknown. There are times that I find myself responding with a closed heart, with fear, rather than trust. This week let us truly reflect on some of the shifting, longing, and desires of our hearts. How will we respond, and will we depart by another way like the Wise Men, trusting in His plan?