Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week, Jesus preaches the parable of the seed sown on good soil (Mt 13:1-23) Typically, this passages prompts me to examine my own heart to see how open I am to the Lord’s word. While this is a wonderful exercise that I encourage you to try, the Lord instead brought specific people to my mind.

The seed sown on the path reminds me of my Catholic school classmates who heard God’s Word daily but never opened their hearts to Him. The seed sown on rocky ground reminds me of a friend from college who was so enamored with the spiritual highs of retreats but left the church upon entering the workforce. Lastly, the seed sown among the thorns makes me think of an acquaintance who knows right from wrong yet seeks to fill the void in his heart with partying and expensive shopping habits. Because of the disconnect between the truth in his heart and his current lifestyle, he has begun to associate the church with a deep sense of guilt.

Their stories move my heart because they do not understand how loved they are, and I know the Lord longs to hold them close. While I lift these people up in my prayers this week, I also invite you to think of and pray for specific people who hear but do not understand.