First Week of Advent

As Advent begins, we hear familiar readings of vigilance. It is easy to listen to that list of things to avoid in our Gospel and say to ourselves, “Yup I’m doing pretty good. I am awake and ready for the Lord.” If we step back and reflect honestly, are our hearts becoming drowsy? Do we let anxiety take over? Do we love ALL people, or just the ones that it is easy to love? I know I can reflect and see some things that are not life-giving, and yet I cling to them as a sense of control in my life. This Advent I will work on evaluating challenges and putting them in a healthy balance. I am a person who wants to master things, yet I find I am a constant work in progress. Each Advent should be a time to refocus our lives and way of living, so we are vigilant about our present way of living and witness to the Gospel. What do the coming days of Advent awaken in you? How can you bring hope or strength to those around you? What do you need to put into balance? May we all take time this Advent season to embrace changes that need to be made in order to remain vigilant for the twofold nature of the season.