Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In this weekend’s Gospel, we hear of Jesus teaching in the synagogue and rebuking an unclean spirit. At first glance, it is easy to think this is about Jesus’ past ministry, showing us today His authenticity. I encourage you to bring this passage to your own life. How can we be the person with the unclean spirit? Have there been times when you think, why did I do that and are shameful for your actions, thoughts, or who you’ve become? We all have those times when those unclean spirits overwhelm us and our destructive habits, thoughts, and sins creep into our lives.

This week, Mark shows us how Jesus confronts the unclean spirit controlling the man and rebukes it. He is there at that man’s worst moment or time, and He is there for us when we have lost ourselves. Jesus uses his authority and power to serve, heal, free, and empower.

How can we show up and ask for healing this week? What are those parts of you that are unrecognizable, and you want to change? Jesus is there to heal, but we must be there to allow Him to do so.