Fourth Sunday of Easter

This weekend our Gospel is very short but packs a powerful message. We hear that Jesus is the Good Shepherd and that we hear his voice and follow him. We hear of Jesus’ great love for us; He knows us and the great trust that we must have in Him. We do not blindly follow Jesus, but rather, we should actively be pursuing a relationship with Him and deep down giving Him our heart to belong to Him.

What would that actually look like? Think of all the things that you love about yourself and show others. It is easy to give those parts to God and to trust Him with that. Now, think of the things you want to change about yourself or that you keep hidden from others. Those are the parts that we need to trust and turn over to Him. We must give all of ourselves. This takes great trust and is hard work.

Remember, Jesus says, “No one can take them out of my hand.” We belong to Him. In all our wandering, He knows us and seeks us. How does your soul and heart seek and find Jesus? What do you need to do to fully trust and belong to Him this week?