Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.


When I hear this majestic title of Jesus, it brings me back to the wonder and awe that I felt as a child seeing the mountains for the first time. The sheer expanse and beauty were completely overwhelming.

Our God is powerful. He has power over every dominion, not only of this world, but of the whole universe! And yet, how often to we trust Him with our universe, the details of our lives?

It can be so easy to fall into the routine of relying on ourselves. Often for me, this looks like striving for a perfectly organized life. I rely on myself when I stress about creating and sticking to a meal plan for the week. I depend on myself when I expect my home to be always perfectly tidy. I trust only myself when I schedule my week with rigidity.

Of course, it is not bad to have meals in mind, to keep a tidy home, or to effectively use our time, but when I create these rigid schedules, I don’t leave room for Christ to come into my life and use me for the good that He intends.

In other words, I don’t allow Christ to be the ultimate ruler of my universe.

As we end this liturgical year, this feast day reminds us of the power of our God. Jesus Christ, King of my Heart, King of the world, King of the Universe.