Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

If you don’t have this weekend’s Gospel bookmarked in your Bible, it is one that you should think about bookmarking. Peter and the disciples are struggling in the boat during a storm. They were afraid that when Jesus was coming towards them, He was a ghost. Peter having faith in Jesus walked on water to Him, but then become afraid and doubted. I’m sure we all can think of a time that resonates with this story. We are afraid and don’t see God working in our lives. We see Him and have faith, but then have doubt again. I know this can be how it is for me. I feel this scripture passage is a good reminder that I am not alone in my storms. I may not see or recognize God working in my life during those times, but I need to trust and turn to Him. There are times I have no problem turning to Him, but inevitably I am overcome by fear, doubt, and the pain I am feeling. We all struggle with faith just like Peter and the disciples. Jesus was there to catch Peter, remind him not to doubt, and to calm the storm. He is there in our storms too. How can you look for Him during the storm and turn to Him for peace? May we continue to turn to Jesus in our storms and believe that He will provide the calm that only His peace can bring.