Persistent Prayer


The First Reading and the Gospel this weekend are about persistence in prayer. The first question to ask is: how are you doing in your prayer life? It has been a good chunk of time since Lent. For me, I have periods of time I tend to focus more on my prayer life, Lent being one of them. During Lent, I want to rejuvenate my prayer life and dedicate time in my schedule. I would bet, many of you do the same. But after Lent ends and things get busy again, I slide back to old habits. Sound familiar? This week I was discussing with one of my friends this very cycle and how I’ve noticed my prayer life change. I discussed how I had returned to a Lenten prayer practice and really enjoyed it. In the Gospel when asked by the disciples about prayer, that is one of the first steps Jesus states, “when you pray.” How do we need to re-evaluate our prayer lives and make adjustments? Jesus is giving us a guide this week, but He is also asking us to be persistent in our prayer. When we don’t know what to do or what to say, pray! Be persistent in our prayer, not that we will receive what we are asking for (specifically), but that we will be heard. God knows what we need! In our prayer this week, let us remember that God hears us and answers our prayers according to His will and knows what we need. How are you doing in your prayer life?