Second Sunday in Ordinary Time 2

This week we enter Ordinary Time. We hear John the Baptist testifying to what he witnessed at the Baptism of the Lord and who Jesus is. There were people searching for the Messiah and those who found John the Baptist thought that he was it, but John points to Jesus. He speaks the words we hear every Mass, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” John is testifying about Jesus and that He is the Son of Man. Do we let those words sink in and resonate with us or do they blend in as we go through the motions? This week how do we hear those words spoken to us? Do we testify through our words and actions like John the Baptist, or do we go through the motions at Mass and though life, not fully living as children of God? For myself, I would say that I can answer yes to both of those questions. Some days I do a great job, giving God praise and truly living as His disciple and other days I go through the motions. We all have work to do in discipleship. How can you be more aware this week and testify to the love and mercy that is poured out for you daily?