Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

“Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”

The words Samuel speaks in our first reading should have great meaning for us. Samuel hears the Lord calling him night after night, but doesn’t understand what they mean. The Lord is persistent in His calling and eventually Samuel responds with an open heart.

How often do we listen with an open heart? I try to respond in this way whenever possible (but no one is perfect). When I made the decision to enter ministry, I felt that I was being called to respond. Thankfully, that voice was persistent, because I did not immediately respond. Since then, I try to structure my days with whatever or whoever the Holy Spirit places in my path, as the work I am to do.

How do you respond when things come your way that may be unexpected or throw off your plan? Do you get frustrated by the interruption, or do you respond with “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening?” It is hard, but one we should consider embracing. It may be the most important “work” we do all day!