Second Week of Ordinary Time

The wedding at Cana.  There is so much to chew on in this Gospel.  We have Mary recognizing the time for Jesus to act, we have Jesus telling people how to assist him and we have his first public miracle.  In a few sentences some big events are quietly happening. As I reflect on this gospel, I’m drawn to the bride and groom.  They were rejoicing blissfully at their wedding feast.  They were eating, drinking, stealing kisses and completely unaware that there was a huge issue about to go down at their wedding: a shortage of wine.  They were oblivious to the fact that Jesus was behind the scenes working his first public miracle. Their wedding feast would be written about in the bible, and we would be talking about it 2000+ years later! And yet, without their request, Jesus was working a miracle for them right under their noses.

This really got me to ask the question, “How often is Jesus working miracles in our lives that we are unaware of?”  There are miracles that we ask for and see happen: the healing of a sick loved one, finding a new job or a personal struggle where we need help.  For those, we can praise and thank God for his helping hand in our lives.  That list alone is long.  It doesn’t, however, consider all those silent, unrequested miracles that Jesus is doing in our lives all the time.  I wonder how often we are unknowingly on the brink of “running out of wine,” and Mary and Jesus are in the background silently taking care of it.  Maybe it’s the avoidance of an argument, a car accident, or the conversation that would not have taken place had He not intervened.  We never know how much the Lord is working behind the scenes so that we can enjoy the feast.  Today I thank God for miracles that I didn’t know He was working.