Sixth Week of Ordinary Time

LORD, I am the one who trusts in human beings,
               I seek my strength in flesh,
               my heart turns away from You.
               Jer 17:5

This weekend’s first reading always calls me out, draws me out of myself, and reminds me of Jesus’ call to me as a Christian and daughter of the Most High King: to trust in the Lord.

Trusting in the Lord in my life often looks like giving up control (or admitting that I never had control in the first place). I am constantly grasping for control and turning to “human beings” (myself) for strength.

Do you ever find yourself desperately grasping for control in your life, too?
Turning to yourself for strength?

I try to take control – to “handle” things on my own. Why?

  1. Perhaps I haven’t learned yet to believe in the trustworthiness of our Father.
  2. Perhaps I believe that trusting in God will somehow burden Him.


  1. The heart of the Father is trustworthy!
  2. God desires for us to trust in Him!

What I don’t think we realize is that in our attempt(s) to take matters into our own hands, to take control, we “turn away from the Lord.” Every time we choose to place our trust in “flesh”, we distance ourselves!

When we trust in our financial security more than we trust in God’s providence – we turn away from the Lord. When we trust in our abilities more than God’s power in our lives – we turn away from the Lord. When we trust in our social media presence more than our identity as daughters and sons of Christ – we turn away from the Lord.

And every time we turn away, we become unavailable to receive what God longs to give us. When we trust in anything other than God, we miss out on the gifts that have been prepared for us.

               LORD, may I be the one who trusts in you; whose hope is in you.
               May I be like a tree planted beside the waters that stretches its roots to the stream:
               because of my trust in you, may I fear not the heat when it comes, for I know you will
               preserve my leaves to stay green.
               Jer 17: 7-8