Stay Awake!

The snowstorm we had last week helped prepare me mentally for Advent. For once, I feel ready to immerse myself in the season. Advent is a time to clear away the clutter and prepare our hearts in expectation for His second coming. We hear in our weekend’s readings to “stay awake!” What does that mean for us today? For me, it means to examine daily how I am being present and attentive to the season, taking the time for my relationship with the Lord, and making small choices that can build into a more robust faith life. It is countercultural to slow down at this time of the year, but we are called to do just that! This Advent I am challenging myself to be present in this season of simplicity. I have made an Advent playlist that I will try to listen to, focus on my relationship with Him, and find times to slow down. I will focus on being intentional this Advent season! What will you focus on as we begin Advent this weekend?