The Baptism of the Lord

This weekend we celebrate the Baptism of the Lord and are reminded of our own baptism. In Luke’s Gospel, we hear God speaking. This is only one of TWO times we hear God speak in the Gospels! But what I find more intriguing is what is noted right before we hear God’s words:

 “After all the people had been baptized and Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, heaven was opened…”

What stuck with me, was that while Jesus was praying is when we hear God’s voice! It is the same for us! When are we most likely to hear His voice? When we are in the stillness and quietness of prayer and are most open to listening! How are you making time to listen to God speaking and spending time in prayer this new year? Let us be reminded that as baptized Christians we are called to prayer, just as Jesus shows us. May we hear His voice and KNOW that we are God’s beloved sons and daughters, and He is well pleased with us!