Third Week of Ordinary Time

We are many parts…we hear this in our second reading, and it resonated with me. St. Paul writes about the differing parts of the body and if all the parts were like an eye, ear, hand, foot, then what would the body be like. All these varying parts complement each other and bring us unique talents. St. Paul also reminds us that we are all one Body of Christ. Every single one of us at St. Pius X make up this parish community, part of the Body of Christ. God gave each of us individual gifts and talents. What part are you? What gifts has God given to you that you share with our parish and beyond? Some people are given gifts of cooking, knitting, laundering, teaching, sharing, organizing, gardening, loving, etc. How can a simple gift be shared? There may be obvious and subtle ways that you can share you gifts with the parish. Take this week to think about your gifts, what you love to do, and how can that be shared. As an example, I love to research, learn, and write…and think nothing of writing the reflections each week, and the feedback received from many of you expresses how much you enjoy them. This is an example of something that is small that can help many. What is something that you love to do that can be shared? There are many needs here at the parish. What can you share as a part of the Body of Christ?