The Third Sunday of Easter

What do we do when we make a big mistake, fail, or disappoint others? We may retreat inward, possibly filled with shame and guilt, or we may run away and find something comfortable. This is exactly what the disciples and Peter are doing. They go back to what they knew before following Jesus, fishing. I can only imagine how Peter felt, knowing that he denied Jesus three times. He was probably filled with so much shame and clouded in guilt. I know that there have been times when I have felt that way, so unworthy of Christ’s love.

In this encounter, we hear Jesus ask, “Do you love me?” three times, indicative of the three times Peter denied Jesus. You also may notice that Jesus refers to Peter as Simon, his pre-believing name. Jesus pulls Simon out of his shame and guilt. He loves him with an unconditional love and commissions him to do great things, to be the rock upon which the Church is built.

How do we hear Jesus calling our name today, possibly pulling us from the clouded unworthiness that we can get stuck in? We must remember that in His short time on earth following His resurrection, Jesus was focused on restoring and strengthening the disciples. How do we need to be restored and strengthened today? Jesus is there, calling out to us to see Him and let Him love us unconditionally!