Third Week of Advent

Gaudete Sunday!

We hear a resounding REJOICE in the readings this weekend. Some may read this and respond with a resounding YES! Yet others may respond with what our readings are trying to help us understand…how can I rejoice with so much going on in my family and the world right now? However, what our readings are trying to help us see is: although things may be challenging around us, bring them to Him! God wants to help us. The burdens that we are carrying do not make us unfit for this Advent message, the really are the qualifier! We must bring those heavy things and allow God within us. As God is with us and in us, how can we keep from singing? We are God’s song, and He is always with us. We all are carrying something. When I take time to stop, reflect, breathe, and sometimes say, “Help me Lord!”, I find some sense of peace and lightness wash over me. My favorite children’s book, that I regularly read to my daughter, has a repeating statement in it that is good for us to repeat as well. “God’s love is big. God’s love never ends. God’s love is special!” Let us hold that in our hearts and truly rejoice today as God is rejoicing and always present!