Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Reflecting on this weekend’s readings, service to others and being a missionary disciple resonate with me. In our first reading, we hear of a wife and mother reaching out to those in need and rewards for her labors. I have experienced the silent, sacrificial work of motherhood. Most do not see the mental load and simple things that are done for others, nor do I want those works to be noticed. I serve others because God calls me to help and share my gifts. This is echoed in the Gospel in a parable about sharing the gifts we have been given. In the Eucharistic Revival series last week, I discussed being a missionary disciple and how we are ALL called to go out and share our faith and give in loving service to others. This can be terrifying, and we can be paralyzed by fear of how our message is going to be received. Are we like the third servant in the parable, just wanting to preserve what we have been given or do we take risks like the other servants? It is hard to go out and serve others, to share our stories and faith with others. What is one way you can step out of your comfort zone this week to share your faith with someone or to be in humble service to them? Pick one small thing and take a risk this week….