Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

I like to be prepared and think things through. It is something that settles and grounds me and brings me calm. The words we hear in this weekend’s Gospel have stuck with me, especially this week as I faced some challenges. In Luke’s Gospel we hear, “you are not to prepare your defense beforehand, for I myself shall give you wisdom in speaking.” When I first read those words, I thought how silly they sounded as they are so contradictory to what I do. I prepare what I am going to say in a meeting, a hard conversation, really anything I do; I chose my words carefully. As I stated, this week I faced many challenges. Did I prepare for things? A little…but I tried something new. I prayed more and no matter what the situation was the prayer was the same. “Lord, let me have the words that I need to say and let me have the conversation that is Your will, not mine.” I did not pray for things to go a certain way or how I would have preferred, which was hard to do. Did things go as I had wanted them to go? Not every time…but I can say that when I reflected in prayer each night, I could see God in many moments, feel His presence, and did feel at peace with however they turned out. I was surprised by His peace, even when things went the opposite of how I would have wanted. Amid our trials and difficulties, we are given what we need, if we listen and let go of our words. What do you need to let go of this week? Things may be hard, but our perseverance in prayer and trusting in His love will carry us though.