Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“But who do you say that I am?”

In this weekend’s Gospel, Jesus is not only talking to the disciples, but also to us! It could be easy to rattle off an answer, just as the disciples do. Jesus is not asking for what we have been told or taught through creed and tradition. He wants to know who He is in our lives today. Who do you say Jesus is in your life? If I reflect on who He is, I know that He has changed as I have changed. Jesus was someone different to me when I was a child and young adult. As I have grown in my relationship with Him, who He is to me has grown and next year He may be different to me. The question we are asked this weekend is one to ponder for a lifetime. In prayer, reflect on these questions: Who has Jesus been for me in the past? Who is He now? Who do I hope He will be in the future? Let us grow more deeply in our connection to Him, and mirror who He is to those around us in our daily interactions.