Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Here we are, working in God’s vineyard together. 

As Christian we are called to be servants in God’s vineyard. Oftentimes we can feel like those in our Gospel today. The landowner sends us out to spread the Good News, but we don’t always get the reception that we would want. Sometimes sharing our faith verbally or even non-verbally results in discrimination, criticism, or even the death of a relationship. This is hard. This is discouraging. “How can they not get it! How can they not love Jesus, the Church, our faith? Why don’t they recognize the truth?” 

My spiritual director reminds me that it’s not me they are rejecting; it’s God (which doesn’t make me feel any better). And he reminds me that even some people who walked the earth with Jesus, physically saw him and heard him speak still rejected him. Being Christ’s servant in this vineyard of life is hard at times. Thankfully we have each other on this journey and together will continue to work in God’s vineyard. We know there is nothing greater or more important than spreading the Good News about Jesus, even when we are rejected.