Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Feeling broken and wounded….we can relate to these emotions in either feeling this way or causing these emotions in others, particularly in those we love. How do you handle disagreements? This weekend we hear Jesus giving us instruction on how we handle relationships. If you note, He assumes we all will have conflict. He is clear it is not if we wound another, but rather how we proceed when we do! The challenge this week is to look at those wounds and make movement towards healing. It is easy for me to stay stuck in resentment, not talk about conflicts and wounds, or to cut myself off from others. We hear Jesus say to confront others (or ourselves) in the woundedness and if you become stuck treat others as Jesus treated tax collectors or Gentiles. He treated them with love, care, healing, hope, and compassion. This is a tall order to treat others who have wounded us in this manner. How will you examine your relationships this week? What do you need to change to be more Christ-like in your relationships and conflicts? We all have something to work on, how will you push yourself this week?